An Introduction to Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing

An Introduction to Outsourcing

As an original equipment manufacturer you may have considered outsourcing part or all of your manufacturing before. In fact, you may be on the verge right now. But take a moment and consider the implications.

There are huge benefits to outsourcing - reduced risk, improved productivity and lower costs - but there are potential pitfalls too. You need to plan and execute your outsourcing programme with consummate care and attention to detail to realise the benefits and avoid negative repercussions.

This eBook provides practical guidance and best practice advice on how to efficiently outsource your manufacturing including:

  • How much of your process should you outsource?
  • Free issue or full procurement?
  • Potential consequences of outsourcing
  • The total cost of outsourcing
  • The hidden costs of in-house manufacturing
  • Planning your outsourcing project

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