Industrial Automation

Your ultimate guide to outsourcing


Industrial automation is a driving force in the manufacturing and engineering sector, paving the way for increased productivity, quality and innovation. Against this backdrop, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) stand to create new revenue streams through the development and manufacture of an expansive range of new products and systems. 

However, in order to compete in what are expected to be fiercely competitive markets, OEMs must ensure their manufacturing plants are up to the task. For many, the answer lies in outsourcing to an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider.

But once you have decided to outsource your industrial automation product or system, how do you go about finding the right partner?

In this eBook, we will explore:

  • What industrial automation is and how the landscape is evolving
  • How to outsource your industrial automation product or system to an EMS provider
  • An industrial automation outsourcing case study

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